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Need Help Finding a Better PEO?

Lower costs and improve service from your PEO


If you’re using the services of a Professional Employer Organization, you are well aware of the benefits. That doesn’t mean the PEO you are currently using is the right one for you. Some of the main reasons companies switch PEOs are lowering costs, receiving better customer services, employee dissatisfaction, or needing different features and/or technology.

If your cost savings isn’t what you expected or your experience isn’t as positive as you had hoped, there may be a better PEO for you. Utilizing the free services of a PEO Broker can help you determine whether it’s time for a change. Another viable option may be renegotiating with your existing PEO when your contract is up for renewal.

Analyzing What’s Working and What’s Not

There are many benefits of bringing a PEO into your company to manage and administer your HR. They can handle payroll, worker’s compensation, labor law compliance, recruiting and onboarding staff, and more. Their interaction with your employees can increase job satisfaction and raise morale, all while allowing you to focus on other important functional areas of your business.

It is smart business to analyze your PEO before it’s time to renew. There may be areas you really like, and areas you are less than thrilled with when working with them on a daily or monthly basis. Making a list of all the features they offer, and giving each a grade, can give you an objective, comprehensive picture of your relationship with your PEO.

Setting and Managing Expectations

It’s likely you were made promises when you engaged with your PEO. Promises related to cost and cost savings. These promises create expectations on your part of how the PEO will work, hopefully seamlessly, in your operations. Meeting expectations is often where business decisions are questioned or reevaluated.

It is normal to have differing opinions on different services delivered from your PEO. Consider all these areas:

  • Cost: did costs stay within your budget?
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Use of their technology platform
  • Customer service to your company leadership
  • Customer interaction with your employees directly
  • Accessibility and responsiveness: to you and your employees
  • Reporting


How a PEO Broker can Streamline the Process for You

There are so many PEOs to choose from, as you probably recall from your last PEO selection process, whether you used a broker or not. It is possible that your needs have changed and the best PEO at the time is not the best fit anymore. It’s also possible your PEO should have been a great fit and just didn’t deliver as promised.

A PEO Broker can help you figure this out. We have extensive experience working with PEOs and we know what you should expect to pay and what you should expect to receive.

We help companies choose the right PEO when they enter into a PEO relationship for the first time, but we also love helping companies analyze the PEO they are currently using and helping them make a wise decision regarding renewing or switching PEOs. We can also help in renegotiating with your current PEO to potentially solve cost or service issues going forward. If you are simply looking to do due diligence with your current PEO we can help you benchmark your current PEO costs and services.

Before you accept less-than-stellar service, remember there are many choices, and we can help you streamline the selection process!

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