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Welcome to PEO for The CEO – Your Free PEO Comparison Service

Welcome to PEO For The CEO. I’m Suzanna Martinez, and I bring my in-depth experience and expertise in the PEO market to focus on your particular HR needs. After all, you shouldn’t have to mold yourself to fit into their box. I help you find the PEO who fits what YOU need with creative solutions and analytical comparisons. We think outside the box here at PEO For The CEO!

“With over 900 PEO’s in the USA, how do you know which one to choose?”

When you work with a PEO Broker, you are no longer captive to one single PEO and their sales rep. You now have my help to compare, analyze, and negotiate with multiple PEOs – giving you options and guidance in choosing the perfect fit for your company. If things change in your organization, I’m here to find a different solution, and you maintain the consistency of a working relationship with someone who understands YOU and is able to be a constant through the years.


What is a PEO?

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization, pooling thousands of employees together to gain buying power for employers to offer health insurance, workers compensation, and other HR solutions. A PEO can allow the company leaders to focus on their bottom line by consolidating the back end of HR operations, saving them time and money while providing a single source system creating more efficiencies.

How do I know if a PEO is right for me?

If working with numerous vendors for different HR services is creating silos that are becoming difficult to keep track of or manage, you may benefit from using a PEO. If you think you may be paying too much to all these different providers, a PEO may help you consolidate and save money. If you are worried or frustrated about staying in compliance with HR-related laws, a PEO could handle that, too.

Why use a PEO Broker?

The most obvious reason is the correct one: you can compare and analyze several PEOs in a comprehensive and efficient way. You aren’t pressured by any one PEO because a PEO Broker is an independent consultant who gives advice with YOU as their top priority – not the PEO. By the way, you don’t pay the Broker for these services, they are paid on the back end from the PEO you choose.

We work these PEO’s and many more!


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