Creating long-term relationships to outsource your HR and benefits solutions

Hi, I’m Suzanna Martinez.
Nice to meet you!

I have been in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry for over 15 years. After working exclusively with an individual PEO firm, I saw the advantage for companies to be able to leverage the services of a broker. Thus, PEO FOR THE CEO was born!

Using the services of a broker allows me to offer you more: more choices, knowledgeable comparison services, individual attention, and an ongoing working relationship. Utilizing a broker gives you peace of mind that someone is looking out for your best interests. I take great pride in guiding my clients to the best PEO solution for their company and sticking around for the long run.

My clients frequently mention that with my help, they keep their energy focused on what their organizations offer the marketplace, not on required back-office HR administrative tasks. I know that one of your most important investments is your team, and I am here to help you find and retain the best employees.

In today’s economy, many organizations are understaffed and challenged by ongoing regulatory changes. This can make it increasingly difficult to find, analyze and implement the best HR and benefit packages, while maintaining the necessary focus on production, sales, and profitability. I help businesses increase their effectiveness and bottom-line.